Round Table Meeting

Platform Thinking for banks


Already a dominant part of the global economy, platform businesses will continue to challenge traditional organizational structures for the years ahead. In today’s world, the platform business model is key to the most successful and valuable companies on the planet. A frontrunner in transforming banking, ING is developing the go-to-platform for banking that empowers people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. This will mean connecting, collaborating and sharing among people and organizations at unprecedented scale. A deceptively simple concept, designing for platform is anything but. Join the roundtable to collectively grasp what it means to live and prosper in this new era.

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Ron Kersic – Platform Architecture & Design, ING
Ron is part of a small cross-functional group to envision future and near-future platform developments and balance them into a clear and compelling direction for ING’s next opportunities for growth. The team is backing this up with training and workshops on platform business models, executive briefings and hands-on support. All of this to provide in a fertile ground for developing these opportunities and help understand what it means for a 21st century cooperation to be great.

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Lees meer over Platform Thinking in een artikel door onze collega Dominique Vermaas.


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